Friday, September 12, 2003

Another new study on Binge Drinking

What they found was high rates of binge-drinking on campuses with large numbers of outlets selling beer in volume packages, such as 30-can cases, kegs and "party balls," or bars and restaurants offering frequent price promotions.
Gee, so if students can get alcohol cheap and in quantity, they will. And it takes a Harvard study to confirm this? Of course, in Pennsylvania, beer is mostly sold in 24-packs, because that's the only thing the wholesalers are allowed to sell to the public. The whole dang state has a binge drinking problem. I guess it doesn't help that the best cheap beer in America is made here.

On the other hand,
[The American Beverage Institute] said the Harvard study had shown no causal link between promotions and binge-drinking.
So why do they have the promotions? They're making money off people drinking. Period. If people get used to going to a particular bar, e.g. on promotion nights, they'll go to that bar on other nights, too. Then the bar gets more business, and more drinking occurs. What's so hard to understand about that? Arguing with facts won't do anything to avoid the draconian policies that schools have been enacting.

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