Sunday, September 21, 2003

Stupid government rules

On the way to Princeton to watch the Lehigh football game (which we WON), we drove through a construction zone on Route 206. It was over a mile long, and they were redoing the southbound lanes. The east side was lined with one of the standard movable concrete barriers. The west side was bordered by orange construction fence and a stone wall. My wife and I were wondering why, with the wall there, the fence was necessary. The wall was the same height and much stronger, why waste the fence. At one point there was a gate in the wall with some wooden rail fence on either side. Next to this was no construction fence.

We decided that there must be a government rule that the construction zone must be surrounded by fence. A wall is not a fence, hence the orange construction fence next to it. But the wooden fence complied with the rule, allowing a savings of 40 feet of construction fence.

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