Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Teens and Violent Video Games

Yahoo! News - Most Teens Play Violent Video Games, Study Says

More than 70 percent of American teenage boys have played the violent but popular "Grand Theft Auto" video games, and they are more likely to have been in a fight than those who have not played, according to a new Gallup company poll released on Tuesday.

I have a theory, the other 30% of teens don't get into fights because they don't actually talk to anyone else.

Here's a good quote, The survey found that 34 percent of boys who admitted to being in a physical fight over the last year have played "GTA," while 17 percent who were in a fight have not played the game. So what about the other 49%? These studies tend to throw around statistics like mad, and when I see a statement that is provably wrong, I wonder about all of the other conclusions that are made.

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