Friday, April 09, 2004

Flyers win game 1

Without reading the press analysis, I think Robert Esche did great
last night. He stopped a lot of dangerous chances from right in
front of the net and only let in 2 goals. Of these two, I only
blame one on him. The first Devils' goal was because of a sweet
rebound Esche left that he didn't come close to covering (meaning he
couldn't stop the shot off the rebound). The second goal was again
because of a rebound, but he was in position for the re-shot. There
was just too much traffic and too many deflections, and as the
announcers have been fond of saying, "he didn't have a chance".

Now I gotta go read what the reporters say.

I'll start here:
Yahoo! Sports - NHL - Flyers 3, Devils 2

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