Monday, December 12, 2005

The formula for expansion in professional sports.

In a comment below, Nate reminisced about the Minnesota North Stars.

It seems like that's the winning formula for expanding a professional sports league into a new city. It's pretty difficult to build a fanbase with an expansion team, one that may take a few years to even get a winning season. But take a good gelled team and move it, and you can have success in the new city. Then, you go back to the old city if it looks like the fans really wanted it, and you create a true expansion team. There you can avoid the initial lossy (both games and money) years, at least to some extend. In the end, you have what you wanted, a team in each city with a fighting chance to stay afloat. The loss is that the original city will have a less prestigious team than it did before. But, if they got moved, they probably weren't doing that well anyway.

From the Minnesota North Stars to the Baltimore Colts to teams I don't even remember, and especially the Cleveland Browns (At least they got to keep the name.), here's to all the teams that once were, in all the sports leagues.

Except basketball. I don't like basketball. If you want to toast those teams, you'll have to do it yourself.

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