Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A good day

It's a good day today. The sun is shining, it's not too cold out, and my sudden urge for spaghetti was satisfied last night (which may be related to my horror of finding out that it's possible for someone to hate spaghetti).

In the news today, the Intelligent Design Debacle is over in Dover, PA. Also, I just learned that last month a new largest prime number has been found. The number is (230402457-1) and it is 9.1 million digits long. Wow. That means it's square root is about 4.5 million digits long, which is still too huge for me to imagine. Google has a page on big numbers, according to which the number of particles in the universe is estimated to be less than 1080, and the age of the universe is "only" maybe 1017 seconds. 109100000 is just big.


Nate said...

Am I forgiven if I point out that what I actually don't like is ground beef cooked in tomato sauce froma jar served on long, skinny pasta?

I eat any pasta that is bigger around than fettucini and with anything on it except ground beef cooked in jarred tomato sauce. Penne alfredo and ziti or gemelli with sausage cooked in fresh marinara are top notch. Add mushrooms to each and my inner hobbit dances.

Jeff S. said...

I guess you're allowed to not like what you're describing.

I actually cook my ground beef (and drain the grease) before adding it to tomato sauce from a jar. Then I add a bit of oregano and parsley, simmer, and serve with mozz and parm cheeses. It comes out pretty good for being made by a non-cook physicist.

Mmmm, alfredo. Add some chicken and spinach and there's some good stuff. Of course, there is bad alfredo sauce; many diners in the area prove that.