Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Konica-Minolta 2400w doesn't work in Windows XP x64 Edition

I got this nice new Pentium 4 computer and I put Windows XP x64-Edition on it. After all, it is a 64-bit processor, so why not run it in 64-bit mode most of the time.

I just have one (big) problem. My printer, the Konica-Minolta 2400w (which is for the most part a nice, cheap color laser printer) doesn't work with this version of Windows XP. It's not like I'm asking them for a Linux or BSD driver. It's a currently-sold printer and a currently-sold version of Microsoft Windows, it should work.

So, if you're buying a printer or new computer, make sure that you'll have the drivers you need or you'll end up with a $250 boat anchor taking up space in your computer room.

Update: 1/18/2006: I've learned from Konica-Minolta that they do not plan to release a driver for this printer for Windows XP x64 Edition. It "may" happen in the future, but I doubt it. They recommend I buy the 2430DL. Yeah, right, then when Windows Vista comes out I can have yet another hunk of junk. Forget it.

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Nate said...

I've heard some complaints about drivers for XP x62. It seems that 64 bits is still considered a niche market. And I think it's dumb, too.