Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Appropriate protest

While I've been sitting at home sick these past 5 days, I've had a little time to read/watch the news in between naps and cleaning out the TiVo. On Sunday, pages 4-5 of The Morning Call had 3 headlines, one about an Egyptian ferry that sank drowning a thousand, one about death squads killing over a dozen Arabs in Iraq, and one about violent protests over the Danish cartoons. Apparently, with all the bad things that are happening to Muslims in various countries, some silly caricatures are the thing that upsets the citizens of Damascus the most.

Leave it to Iran to come up with an actual reasonable protest. An Iranian newspaper is calling for cartoons in response to the defamation of Mohammad. So what do the freedom-loving Europeans find too serious to make fun of? The Holocaust!

They also want cartoons about America's crimes. They should read our papers. There are plenty of political cartoons about that here.

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Nate said...

And it really makes me wonder, what do we (Americans) have to do with the cartoons and what is the newspaper in Denmark supposed to do besides apologize (which they did last week)?