Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Did you know?

If you don't flush (or use) a toilet for like 4 months, all the water in the bowl will dry.

On a related note, why doesn't a J-trap (below a sink) flush when you drain the sink?


Nate said...

Have you ever looked into a toilet on a windy day? The water bounces up and down.

hamster_grrl said...

So the water in my toilet evaporated?

It makes sense. Thanks for flushing it.

I reckon flushing has more to do with how the water arrives in the bowl rather than how it leaves it, thus the J trap under a sink wouldn't cause a flush to happen.

Nate said...

The flushing on toilets comes from how the water leaves. The trap on a sink and the siphon section of toilets have different shapes. Toilets will drain like sinks rather than flush if there isn't enough water put in, though.