Thursday, April 13, 2006 sticker optimizes system performance!

What do customers think of the often-free sticker? It's magic. Read these reviews to learn the secrets to increasing processor speed by 1 GHz, 3dMark scores by 400 points, and getting better cooling to boot!

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Steve said...

It even works on refrigerators according to one comment. "Cools my leftovers in half the time!!" Although it's kinda sad that there's 64 pages worth of comments on a sticker.

Now if it said something about OMG!!! PONIES!!!!, then I would understand the fuss.

federico said...

I know that for a fact. My AMD 3.0 Ghz fridge cools my leftovers in a quarter of the time a regular one does after I put on those fancy memory chip copper heatsinks. And all of that thanks to the newegg sticker.