Monday, May 15, 2006

Jon Spirko, RIP

6/28/1983 - 5/13/2006

I remember when Jon (on the left) was born. It was so hot the day before that our air conditioner couldn't cool the whole house and we had to sleep in the living room. Of course even then we didn't get to sleep all night.

Jon was a fun-loving kid who was also highly competitive. When he met my girlfriend (now my wife) at age 9, he rattled off a list of games that went something like, "I bet I can beat you at ping-pong; I bet I can beat you at basketball...." It wasn't just talk, and it wasn't just Beth. When he put his mind to anything that required quick thinking and fast reflexes, he was one of the best around. In the world of computer gaming, Red Alert (and other C&C games) and Call of Duty were his specialties.

The support our family received from everywhere was almost overwhelming. Several of Jon's friends stopped by to visit Saturday night and Sunday. Nick, Bill, and Erin, thanks and take care. We all miss Jon, but nothing can take away our great memories.

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Neb said...

{Hugs for you and your whole family}

Neb (& Nate)