Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Scary police shooting in Bethlehem

To summarize, last night a little before 7pm, police and at least one suspect exchanged gunfire along Catasaqua Rd in Bethlehem (probably near the eastern edge of the map on the article page). One officer was hit and is recovering, and one suspect was killed. To me, there are two scary parts. (1) We drove through that area at 7:10, annoyed at the traffic problems.

(2) These two bits of information from the article don't make sense. (2a) "[Bethlehem police commissioner Randy Miller] couldn't comment on whether police were looking for any additional suspects." (2b) "[State Police Officer] Snyder said[,] 'There's no need for concern as far as the community is concerned. All weapons have been accounted for.'" Now, I don't know about you, but for me, if there may be additional suspects in cahoots with someone who shot at police, that does seem like a cause for concern. Not only that, but the discrepancy in information is also significant. How can they be so assuring that all of the weapons are in good hands if they can't even tell us if there are any bad guys still out there?


hamster_grrl said...

Eek! We DID drive through there around that time. Crazy.

Nate said...

Jeff, the article doesn't put the comments in a temporal perspective. I doubt that the statements were made at the same time.