Sunday, December 10, 2006

Christmas Lights in Bethlehem, PA

THE house to see in Bethlehem, PA is at the intersection of Sunset View Dr and Sunset Pl, near Jacksonville Rd and Macada Rd. As Steve puts it, this guy could hook a generator on the spinning disc on his electric meter and get even more power. If you haven't already gone there, go.

There's another great house at the end of Budd Ave.

The Morning Call should put out an article maybe this weekend on a Christmas Lights Tour. Until then, leave comments and let me know if there are any other spectacular displays to see.

Update: I forgot about the set of houses in South Bethlehem. They're on the section of 3rd St near where it meets 4th St. Approach from Daly Ave, and drive carefully through the sketchy neighborhood. There are several houses along Steel Ave there, including one that can be seen from PA 412.


Steve said...

My favorite aspect of the house on Budd Ave. is that they don't limit their musical selections to Christmas carols, but also include Hannukah songs

Emil said...

Just map links? Some of us need pictures!

(I know, I know...what I really need to do is live back east. If I did, how could I possibly enjoy Christmas in the Northwest? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Last year there was a good house at 3652 oakwood trail. I haven't been by it yet this year. It might be too early for all of the stuff, but I went by Christmas eve last year and they had a ton of lights.

Tell me if they have stuff up yet.