Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Movin' On

After 15 1/2 more-or-less continuous years direct affiliation with Lehigh covering parts of 17 calendar years, I'm finally leaving. I've been an undergrad, a summer REU student, a grad student, a TA, a visiting researcher, and a research scientist, but now I'm simply an alumnus.

(As an aside, for some reason, I hate it when people call me "an alumni". It's a latin word whose masculine singular is "alumnus". On the other hand, I'll defend my right to say "data is". It may seem dichotomous of me, but Merriam-Webster backs me up.)

So I'm off to ESU where I'll actually get to teach Physics full time. We're not moving right away, so it's not like I'll actually disappear off the face of the earth like Weiss. I just hope I get to keep my old email address that I've had since before email was popular.


Nate said...

But... b-b-b-but... now who are we all going to find when we have computer problems? And when it's happy hour? And for long discussions of the etymology and usage of "alumni" and "data"?
I am so balling my eyes out over here.

I'm sure a note to the proper person from the proper person would let you keep your e-mail address, as an alias if nothing else. Perhaps your wife could find someone to call it a piece of Bethlehem history?

Your continual presence as a pillar of Lehigh life will be missed.

fede said...

First of all... Congratulations! If it now is official we should celebrate.

Now... to continue with Nate's argument: Are you sure you want to leave Lehigh, especially when you are so close to breaking Folk's record tenure?

hamster_grrl said...

Wow! Congratulations!! That is super cool. I have lots of questions, but I'll wait to ask them when I get back to PA.

Now I don't feel like I am bailing on beer drinkin' Wednesdays when I move out at the end of my lease term.

And nate, isn't it "bawling my eyes out"?

Steve said...

Figured I should put my congrats in [electronic] writing along with everyone else! I guess now will be the time to start interviewing prospective candidates for going to lunch with all the time.

And yeah, it is "bawling."

Hey, at least now you have a new answer if you see someone on campus here and get the typical "You're still here?"

Nate said...

My wife made fun of me for making a mistake in my comment. I thought she was talking about the hard return after the question mark, which was a mistake, but not so. She said I was supposed to spell it "bawling." I was like "I know that's how the normal phrase is spelled, but that's not what I was trying to say!" and she was like "Stop making excuses" and I was like "I'm not making excuses, I'm making gross puns." And so on.

Steve said...

So Nate, are you trying to say that you weren't crying, but rather beating your face with your testicles? I didn't think you'd be that flexible...

Jenne said...

Hurray. I'm so glad you got free of the ultimate gravitational well. Congratulations. --Jenne

Nate said...

So, how was the first day? Coming to happy hour Wednesday?