Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Useful program - FileSync

FileSync is a Windows program that synchronizes two folders so that they contain the same files and sub-folders. I use it to keep a backup of my teaching files from my notebook computer on my USB drive. Then, I use FileSync again on a desktop computer to keep a copy there, too. FileSync is even set up on a hotkey so all I do is plug in the USB drive and hit Ctrl-Alt-S and it starts up.

It's true that I'd rather use rsync, but since I can't install cygwin on my work WinXP box (and rsync doesn't give you a chance to interactively approve file copying), FileSync actually does a better job for me.

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Conrad said...

Have you looked at unison? It's a front-end for rsync that can prompt before copying, etc. 'Course, that doesn't help you if you can't use cygwin at all...