Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Street Sweepers

[Update (4/11/07): The building behind the sweeper is now a demolition site. It looks like Party City is still open, but the stores to the left of it are gutted.]

My friend Nate is really into street sweepers. Every time I see one, his child-like (not childish) giddiness comes to mind. It's fun to see people be happy, so when I realized I had the camera in my car as I drove past a street sweeper this morning, I immediately stopped. This is what I saw.

Nate will immediately notice that it's not a real street sweeper. There are no brushes. Such disappointment. C'est la vie.

Nate's not the only one into the street sweeper, as it is the subject of its own wikipedia entry and has an early patent. Hopefully the hand-drawn 1849-era diagram of a sweeper will make up for my lousy picture of a glorified vacuum. As a bonus, we get to learn that the street sweeping machine was invented in Easton, PA.

1 comment:

Nate said...

Vacuum trucks, hott cousins of the street sweeper, are pretty sweet too. The spinnybrushes are indeed my favorite part of the street sweeper. Even so, if someone hott has a hott cousin then the hott cousin is may be a cousin but that doesn't make either one less hott :)