Friday, June 08, 2007

Brickman using illegal immigrants for landscaping? Really?

<sarcasm>I just can't believe that such a fine landscaping company would use "undocumented workers" for spreading mulch and mowing lawns. Brickman should hire Americans. If they can't drum up interest, they should raise the wages. If that means losing the Lehigh contract for being too expensive, tough. All of their competition uses real American labor, I'm sure.</sarcasm>

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Beth S said...

if Brickman hired all locals to do the grunt work, (not just as supervisors) there wouldn't be a constant 200+ applications to compete with at Shantz's! There ARE gardeners in the US population who would love to do it as a living, if it only paid more than $7 and change an hour! (Allentown living wage June 2007: $40,000/yr - archives)