Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tired of incompetent journalism

The media is supposed to communicate us what's going on in the world. Part of communicating is being as clear as possible and avoiding confusion. But these days, the AP and Reuters are constantly updating their articles, and sometimes I wonder if there is an editor involved in the process. Often, an article will jump around between two or three different topics without any segways, and just as often, there is no reason for it.

Today's article on the space shuttle solar panels is a primary example. I'll wait while you go try to read it. There are two separate issues involved. (1) The pre-existing solar panels on ISS have joints that allow the panels to rotate and face the sun. One of the joints has been having current spikes when rotating and they opened it during a spacewalk to find grit inside. (2) A new solar panel tore while it was being unfurled today. Combined, these two issues are really a problem. But that doesn't mean that an article talking about them needs to bounce back and forth. It's as if two different writers wrote two articles, then someone else cut-and-pasted them together. A little professional editing would be nice from what's supposed to be a professional news organization.

P.S. Guitar Hero III rocks.

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