Friday, April 18, 2008

Obama outshines Clinton on Colbert Report

When I watched last night's Colbert Report and saw Hilary Clinton's act, I was a bit disappointed that it consisted of a symbolic yet ultimately meaningless joke. Fixing Colbert's video monitor and his makeup? Come on, you can do better than that. If you aren't ready to try to solve problems, you have no business running for President of the United States. By now, we all assume that's true. Talk about something significant. How are you going to solve the dependence of our economy on Middle East politics?

Barack Obama, on the other hand, used his appearance to reinforce his main message. He put manufactured political distractions ON NOTICE. Yes, he used Colbert's humorous on notice mechanism and played along with Stephen's dislike of bears, but ultimately Obama used the on-air opportunity to reinforce one of his main messages: he wants to talk about the issues. Questions about national leaders wearing or not wearing American Flag pins every day don't do anything to lower the gas price or to feed the poor. The Colbert Report isn't the place to actually discuss the issues, but Obama made the most of his conversation with Colbert.

Score: Clinton x, Obama y+1
(They didn't start at zero, but I don't know what the score was.)

P.S. Only one of the candidates thought the Colbert Report's audience was worth advertising to. He also advertises during hockey games.

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