Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sarah Palin said that the PA Dutch aren't Christians!

How deceptive is this woman?
[During her run for mayor in 1994,] even though Palin knew that Stein is a Protestant Christian, from a Pennsylvania Dutch background, her campaign began circulating the word that she would be "Wasilla's first Christian mayor."
The title to this post is a link to the full article.


Nate said...

You got my hopes up-- I don't like the woman and my fire needs fuel. But when I read the article I didn't see where the girl said that Pennsylvania Dutch people are not Christian, or even that the man wasn't a Christian because he was Pennsylvania Dutch. I did see what looked like a Salon reporter throwing in the man's Pennsylvania Dutch identity as if it is supposed to mean something.

Jeff said...

The PA Dutch guy was mayor. She claimed she would be the town's "first Christian mayor", which implies he wasn't Christian even though it was well known that he was.

The generalization that I stated is of course terribly overextended.

Nate said...

Dutch sense of humor :)