Thursday, November 17, 2005

My 100th post!

This is actually the 100th entry in this blog that (almost) nobody reads. What should be the topic? I think sports. My three favorite teams, not necessarily in order, are covered.

It's Lehigh-Lafayette Weekend!

The 141st playing of what we call "The Game" gives 12th -ranked Lehigh the opportunity to make the NCAA Division I-AA playoffs again. LU, Lafayette, and Colgate are all tied for first in the league, and none are eliminated. All Lehigh has to do is win.

Are the Flyers going to make a trade?

I saw a headline on today reading "Clarke calms the trade winds". I think this is the most reliable indicator that Clarke actually will make a trade. I hope it's Therien.

Another Flyers note: they lost 3-2 in overtime last night against the Penguins. All of the scoring occurred after the 2nd intermission. First Crosby scored an assist and a goal, then Pitkanen scored two goals from Forsberg. Then, in overtime, Crosby managed to get into the middle while the defensemen were at the points, and the outlet pass gave him a breakaway, game over. I thought we were going to get our first shootout of the year. Incidentally, only the Flyers (3-2 in OT) and Detroit (2-1 in OT) haven't experienced a shootout.

The Eagles, ugh

It was nice while it lasted (the winning, I mean). Let's see how long it takes them to recover to their recent excellence. I can't fault them for not winning the SuperBowl. After all, each year there are perhaps 4 excellent teams, and only one gets to win. So during any given phase of excellence, there is really only a chance of getting the trophy. Yes, it does sound like I've given up. Maybe I have.

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Your prolific blogging is a proud testament to the magnitude of your geekdom. That you would e-mail me about it only solidifies your place in the Pantheon of Uncoolness.