Monday, October 09, 2006

Eagles 38 - Cowboys 24

I had a great time at the Eagles-Dallas game last night, despite a few Cowboys fans sitting behind us. We didn't do anything rude, though. As a matter of fact, whenever something great happened on the field, we politely turned around and offered high-fives so as not to exclude them from all the excitement.

One funny thing was when the woman next to me called for a flea-flicker. Well, about 3 plays later it happened, giving the Eagles what turned out to be the game-winning touchdown. Of course, the 102-yard interception return for another touchdown sure helped!

Tom, thanks for the tickets. Now that I haven't died on the escalators, I promise I'll get you the money soon.

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piltz said...

And yet despite that promise, I'm still not holding my breath for that check to show up any time soon. Glad you enjoyed the game. You sure saw a great one, which will make Russ' illness seem that much more unfortunate.

Great sports weekend with a Lehigh win, Penn State win, Eagles win, Cowboys loss, and the mutha-farging Yankees biting the big one in Detroit.