Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bad Instructions or Election Shenanigan?

When I originally registered to vote during World^H^H^H^H^H Gulf War I, I had registered as a Republican. Over the years, I realized that I didn't completely share their values (mostly in the "Screw the Poor" department and their poor choice of a leader these last few years), so I recently changed my registration. But I've still been getting all of the campaign emails from the RNC. Today, in fact, George Bush emailed me to remind me to vote. Not a bad message.

Yesterday, though, I got a message from Michael DuHaime, the RNC political director. The message gave me directions to my polling location. What a way to get out the vote, by making sure that everyone actually knows where to go. There's only one problem; it sent me to the wrong place. See, I'm in the City of Allentown, not in Hanover Township. I wonder if I got wrong directions because I changed my registration, as a sort of way of obstructing my vote. Nah, they're not that evil, are they?

My actual voting experience was pretty good. Other than the, um, pre-computer people who didn't like the touch screens, everything went well. There was no effort in Lehigh County's machines to shepherd me into a straight party vote, like Steve complained about to me.

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