Monday, November 06, 2006


I'm fascinated by traffic patterns, from road-design to individual behavior to mass phenomena, it's all interesting. The local paper has The Road Warrior", who does a weekly column on some traffic topic. This week's column is about the daily backup on US-22 Westbound near Airport Rd. One friend of ours is always pissed off by these kinds of traffic jams that happen "for no reason". After all, if I'm delayed a half hour, I wanna see some carnage. Well, in the Road Warrior's column, he links to a cool web site on the science of traffic. I'll be reading that and performing some of the experiments soon. If only I could afford to rent a helicopter.


Nate said...

OOOH!!! Very exciting. And proof for the doubters (like my wife) that I'm not the only one who has made and used these observations.

Nate said...

I forgot to add that Philip Ball's book "Critical Mass" has an excellent chapter on this. You can look at the phase diagram in there and find 22 at different times during rush hour. Very exciting. I'll try to get you a copy.